Nail a great wheel deal...
DTM Hot Rod Special

As well as having over 100 styles available to view, and being able to source most tyre brands at a competitive price, our experienced technicians are able to help with the following services: 

  1. Wheel Alignments: Either once you have purchased your new wheels from us, as part of your regular wheel maintenance, or if you are not happy with the feel of your drive. 
  2. Balancing: Again, either when you have purchased new tyres from us, elsewhere, or if you are getting excessive vibration and want your balancing checked and sorted. 
  3. Suspensions and Shock Absorbers: If you are noticing uneven tyre wear, longer braking times, swerving while driving, excessive vibration, or vehicle nose dropping as you slow down, then let us check your systems to see what’s going on and make your ride a smooth and safe one. 
  4. Batteries: Needing a new one, or charging of an existing one? We can help. 
  5. Punctures: Bring them in for us to check, repair and advise. 
  6. Full mechanical service ( Rolleston only )
  7. Warrent of fitness ( appointment needed ,Rolleston only )

All services come with a genuine KATS warm welcome and good old-fashioned customer service. 

So come on in and have a chat and check out the awesome brand that is KATS.